DefinitionOmission v1.1 (Cross-Platform)
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FREE DOWNLOADS - DefinitionOmission - Version 1.1:

Windows (includes Java 1.6) (build: 1.1.1) (screenshot)
For executable only (w/o installer and Java): click here (4.1MB)
26.1MB With installer
Macintosh OS X (includes Java 1.6) (build: 1.1.1) (screenshot)
For version w/o Java: click here (4.2MB)
26.2MB Compressed as zip
Linux (requires Java 1.6) (build: 1.1.1) (screenshot) 4.1MB With installer
Unix (requires Java 1.6) (build: 1.1.1) 4.1MB With installer
Any Java Enabled OS (build: 1.1.1) (screenshot) 4.6MB With installer

Works on Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Unix systems (and other Java enable systems). Double-click the downloaded file to begin installation on any system. Java 1.6 or newer is required. The "standard" download above will search you system for Java. If Java is not installed, the download will assist you in installing Java. For Windows only: You may install the "bundled" version, which already includes Java, if you are certain Java is not installed yet. Microsoft Word or or StarOffice is not required to use DefinitionOmission.

Click here to view a log of changes. DefinitionOmission v1.1 is available free of charge until January 1, 2010. Certain libraries may be licensed for free/libre open source use. Please contact for licensing information.